New Templates Now Available For BuildmLearn Toolkit Android (v2.5)

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We are happy to announce a major release for BuildmLearn Toolkit Android (v2.5). With this version we are introducing four new templates to build apps. The four new templates are Video Collection , Comprehension,  Dictation and Match the following.

Video Collection template allows you to create apps featuring videos. Comprehension template enables to build a comprehension test for students where they read a passage and then answer questions  based on the passage. Dictation template allows to create apps where students can practice writing (i.e. typing) while the app dictates a passage. Match template allows to create apps where the students can pick two related topics from a bunch of presented topics. With the new four templates introduced, the BuildmLearn Toolkit app now supports a total of 8 templates.

Along with the new templates, here’s what’s new:

1. Improved design of simulator and existing template apps
2. Now Share Project and APKs
3. Collections of saved APKs using the toolkit
4. Ability to save WIP as Draft projects
5. Restore projects from APK
6. Kaizen

Special thanks to all the contributors who contributed to this release. Thanks to Anupam for driving this release.


 Head over to the Google Play store to get the update

Get it on Google Play

If you would like to contribute to the toolkit app, our Github repo is here:


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